Willie Nelson sings on new Doobie Brothers’ Album

Willie Nelson and the Doobie Brothers, Fourth of July 2005, Ft. Worth, TX

by Sandye Voight

Patrick Simmons spoke by phone from L.A., during a break from the band’s intense recording sessions.  The new, untitled album is “a little bit of everything,” he said.  “Some rockin’ stuff, Latin, jazzy stuff, folky harmony-laden stuff.  Some R&B, bluesy, some East Bay funk that we do.  Some nice finger-pickin’ stuff here and there. Cool slide work. Dobro.  Willie Nelson is a guest vocalist.”

Nelson and Simmons collaborated on a song called “I Know We Won.”

John McFee, guitars and vocals, is the one who plays the dobro. The lineup also includes Guy Allison on keyboards and vocals; Michael Hossack, drums; Tom Johnston, guitar and vocals; Simmons, guitar and vocals; Marc Russo, saxophones; Skylark, bass and vocals; Ed Toth, drums.  Toth is one of the newer additions to the group, but having two drummers has always been part of what made the Doobies.

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