Willie Nelson still going strong, selling out shows


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SAN ANTONIO – Willie Nelson has graced country music with countless hits for the last seven decades and at 81-years-old, he can still relate to his audiences.

Nelson sat down with KSAT’s Paul Venema and shared his secrets to staying on top. He sold-out two shows last month at Floore’s Country Store.

“I think I know pretty much what the people like. Probably a little more about what they like than somebody sitting up there in an office somewhere that’s not out there with them.” Neslon said.

There is an obvious love affair between Nelson and his fans, and it’s a bond that Nelson sees as the key to remaining relevant.

When asked how long he is planning on doing this, he said, “All I do is play music and golf. I’m not gonna quit neither one of those.”

Nelson is set release a third album of 2014 next month, following his “Band of Brothers” album, which debuted at No. 1 this summer.

At 81, he said he’s healthy and he has no plans to slow down.

“You have to be a pretty good athlete to do an hour and a half of singing. Singing takes more air than anything,” said Nelson. “But it is also good for you. People come to hear it and they clap and sing along and it’s good for them too.”

Later this month, Nelson will be back in San Antonio at the Majestic Theatre.

He’ll be singing of course, but you can also bet he’ll be listening too.

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