Willie Nelson talks about AetheriA, Jessica Simpson and Tells a Joke


Willie Nelson headlines the AetheriA fundraising event this weekend. The 73-year-old legend will perform with the Fort Worth Symphony during a special set, along with an array of other entertainment. The singer asked Jessica Simpson to perform with him when the two were recently working on their second film together, Blonde Ambition. Says Willie about his role: “I play her grandfather or her great-grandfather depending on how I looked that day.”

Here’s more from Willie:    

Q: This has been advertised as a Willie concert unlike any other. What can people expect from this show?

A: Well, the show is a mixture of circus acts, a symphony, Jessica and me and my stuff. The way I understand it the way things are laid out, it’s gonna be pretty neat. The circus stuff will be first then the music will start around 10:30, which will make the show kinda late, but there will be plenty to see before that. It’s not just me, though. My band will be there, too. I’ll play with the symphony and then we’ll take a break and I’ll come back and do a set with them.

Q: Jessica recently said you two are like “frick and frack”.

A: We are. We’re old soul mates. We get along fine. And, you know, I look for every excuse to see her.

Q: With the constant touring and recording you do, you don’t get much of a break, do you?

A: The break I take is the two hours I’m on stage every night. The other two I spend duckin’ and dodgin’. [Laughs]

Q: You’re known as a great joke-teller as well. Do you have a good clean one for us?

A: This guy was mad at his wife and he said, “How come whenever we get in these discussions you always seem to hold your temper better than I do? How do you do that?” She said, “Well, I clean the toilet bowl.” He said, “How does that help?” and she said, “I use your toothbrush.”

Willie Nelson performs tomorrow at 8 p.m. at the AetheriA benefit at Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place, Grand Prairie. $54-$1,004. Ticketmaster.

Paul Salfen


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