Willie Nelson with Helen Forster, on Boulder’s e-Town

“Felt so lucky to connect for a moment with him.” – Helen Forster

“People have been asking abt the two photos I posted a short while ago w/ Willie Nelson (see below). It was a few years ago, when he was playing at Fiddlers Green. We got permission to tape his set and also tape an interview w/him on his bus.

We were given 7 min for the interview. We were signaled at that point to wrap things up. Donna G and I and our engineer at the time all rose to head out the door, when I turned and saw Nick getting a photo done w/Willy at the table there where they’d just done the interview. So, unlike the ‘me’ who know me, this shy Minnesotan girl, I pushed my way back and leaned in to ask Willy “Can I get a picture made w/you?” He smiled and said sure. Nick moved, I sat down, and, in the most fluid and natural of movements, Willie and I joined hands, leaned in and just smiled w/joy at the other. If you click on the photos you can see our hands which to me are a big part of the moment. There you have it.


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