Willie Nelson With Jamey Johnson

Jamey Johnson, at Farm Aid 2008, in Mansfield, Mass., in his Willie Nelson shirt.   He has a website at http://www.jameyjohnson.com.

He will open for Willie Nelson and Family at several shows next March:

March 11, 2009 

 Lakeland Cntr. Youkey Theatre

Lakeland, FL
March 12, 2009

 Hard Rock Cafe

Hollywood, FL
March 13, 2009

 House of Blues

Lake Buena Vista,  FL
March 14, 2009

 St. Augustine Amphitheater

St. Augustine, FL
March 15, 2009

 House of Blues

Myrtle Beach, FL
March 17, 2009

 Ruth Eckerd Hall

Clear Water, FL
March 20, 2009

 Silver Star Convention Center

Choctaw, MS

Jamey Johnson’s performance at Farm Aid last year is reason enough to buy his new album, That Lonesome Song, due out on January 27th.   It feels good to support those artists who support this important cause.   For more information about  how you can support Farm Aid, like Jamey Johnson, visit www.FarmAid.org


“I woke up in my truck one morning after a hard night out on the town.  With divorce on the horizon and my record deal taken away, I set out for relief by getting out of my head for a while.  Instead of risking the drive home (I was staggering drunk) I just threw my keys in the bed of my truck and went to sleep in the passenger seat. 

 It was over a year later, after receiving Song of the Year at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, before I’d have another drink.  ‘That Lonesome Song’ is a collection of my observations of my life as I saw it during that time.”

— Jamey Johnson

The songs on the album are so personal, and he hooks you quickly with his deep voice singing stories about getting high, living hard, making wrong choices and then somehow figuring things out.   It’s full of hurtin’ songs, but  sometimes it feels good to feel bad, at least when you listen to good country songs. 

At the ACM Award show, where he won an award for the song, ‘Give it Away,’ with George Strait, he thanked his ex-wife Amy, from whom he was divorcing during the time most of this album was written.   It reminds me a little of Willie Nelson’s ‘Phases and Stages’ concept album, also about divorce, told through the experience of both the husband and the wife.  Johnson’s album is a long lonesome song, sad, reflective, all very personal. 

His voice is beautiful, and he is supported by a band in tune with the sad story he’s telling with songs of dying love, furniture sales and bad choices made, while somehow reaching inside to find the promise of getting over her someday.    It’s very simply produced, or at least it’s produced so well that it sounds like it’s simply produced.   This is no young rock star guitar country musician;  his is classic country, fresh and authentic.   Like he says in his song, ‘It won’t take you long to find me at the record store; I’m some place between Jennings and Jones.’

Plus I liked his liner notes, which are on  a six-panel, double sided fold out squeezed full of stories, lyrics and information.  Plus he gives you codes to download ring tones for your phone.  Bonus.

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