Willie Nelson’s Hair in the News

Thanks again to Jessica Pearl, for her great photos that she took at Charley’s last Saturday night, of Willie Nelson’s guest appearance with Micah Nelson and the Reflectacles.  See more of her great photos at:

Just checked with GOOGLE, over 500 articles on Willie’s new hair cut!  Some fans weeping, missing the braids.  Other’s glad to see him with a more manly man cut,” the Willie I used to know.” 

I have to agree with Dallas Wayne on Willie’s Place Sirius/XM Radio today, I think he just about got it right when he said,  “Sassy!”    Good for Willie for doing what he wants, which is pretty much how he has lived his entire life.  He’s probably amazed at all the press about it. 

And we should all send Jessica Pearl a thank you e-mail, for her great pictures.  They are all over the internet — the only pictures to surface, so far.    The European fans will get to see him next, as the band heads to Europe for a month in early June.   

AUSTIN, Texas — Country music fans have come to expect a little eccentricity from legendary crooner Willie Nelson, but he pulled off a real shocker this time.

He cut his hair.

“Oh Noooooo!,” wrote one fan who saw a picture of Willie’s new-do on the website of Nashville TV and radio personality Jimmy Carter. Another fan expressed the tongue-in-cheek hope that Willie had taken his freshly shorn hair and “donated it to the oil spill.”

Nelson’s waist-deep, reddish pigtails have long been one of the singer-songwriter’s signature features. But spokeswoman Elaine Schock said Nelson, who’s been hanging loose in Hawaii, got his hair cut in the last couple of weeks. She said the Texas-born performer didn’t make a big fuss about the makeover, but she theorized Willie might have grown tired of dealing with the long locks.

“There’s a lot of maintenance,” she said.


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