Willie Nelson’s Official Fan Association, “Club Luck”

Club Luck launched in April 2004 (www.clubluck.willienelson.com .  Before that, we all hung out at Willienelson.com, Willie Nelson’s Official web Site (www.willienelson.com), which has been around since 1999, and home to WOLF’s (Willie’s On Line Family) from all over the world.   There are great fans in both places, and most of us go back and forth.

Club Luck is a great place to be.  Willie Nelson’s fans are so much fun, and it’s fun to hear them talk about Willie and Country Music.  Many of us have become very good friends, and hook up at concerts around the country, share rooms, buy tickets together when we can.    We have so much fun. 

There is someone mderating the board, minimal, reminding us to be polite and respectful, when some thread or another gets off target or people forget their manners.  Mostly, it is fan driven.  Fans tell about their most recent show, and post pictures.  We post reviews to albums and books, movies.  If one of us hear that Willie’s going to be on television, then they post it.  When Willie got busted in September in Louisiana, the news travelled to Club Luck within hours. 

The site is hosted, and maintained, by All Access.  Willie’s family are also associated with the site, particulary, granddaughter Rachel posts with some frequency with news and information.  Next to the fellowship and all the Willie sharing that goes on, the best thing about belonging to this club is that they offer pre-sale of tickets to Willie’s shows.  It’s not all the shows, which is disappointing, but that is, of course, up to the venues, if they want to release tickets for fan clubs, or not.  But for those that they do offer up, they are great seats,  and fans have a great time sitting up close to willie. 

For me, the reason I think the $30.00 annual membership fee is a steal, is because for the past three years it has allowed early access to the Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic at the Stockyards, in Fort worth, Texas.  There is no guarantee that the picnic will continue to host the Picnic.  Rumors are that it might move to Carl’s Corner, a Truck Stop, outside of Fort Worth, where Willie and other investors are remodelling the facilities and preparing to have concerts.  There have been shows in the past at the theater at Carl’s, and last year there was a Picnic warmup on July 3, the night before Willie’s picnic.  It was such a great show.  Willie didn’t show up til 12:30.  We all got back to Fort Worth just in time to shower and head to the Stockyards to get in line.  Club Luck has provided a 30 minute headstart.  We aren’t the only ones getting in early.  Local hotels, etc, also offered viP packages that included early entry.  But that 30 minutes was a big deal.  You still had to get up really early and get in line for several hours as the sun comes up, to get front and center.   But it’s worth it.

The pictures that the fans post are just breathtaking.  These are fans who go to lots of shows, have high quality photographic equipment, and have learned to photograph  Willie.  Really great photographs.

Also, in addition the forum, they have a store whiere you can buy some cds available only through Club Luck, and tee shirts, etc.  Also, there is an on-line radio that plays Willie music, some really deep cuts that you don’t hear anywhere else.  Radio Willie.  what else, uh, there are pictures, screen savers you can down load, and lots more stuff.

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