Willie Nelson’s Show at the Fillmore Last Night was the Greatest, but I know I’ve said the same about them all.


Every night at the Fillmore, Willie Nelson would yell out to the crowd, “Thank you, Fillmore.  See you tomorrow night!.”  I guess I should have known the party was over when he didn’t say it last night and so my California adventure ends. Sigh.   I’m home in Colorado, tired but happy, heading in to work tomorrow to get some rest.  


It was such a fun week.  I heard some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard in my life.   You just can’t beat getting to see the band play so many nights in a row like that, and see just how different each show is.  The band plays a lot of the same songs each night, but Willie plays them so differently.  Part of that must be for his own enjoyment, he mixes it up so that he’s still having fun singing the songs he sings every night. 


Willie’s so in charge up there.  He’s smiling and giving the fans lots of attention, and he’s handing off solos to Mickey Raphael, son Lukas, or sister Bobbie, then he’s turns up his amp takes the song back with a long guitar solo of his own.   Then he tosses off a bandanna to a fan.  

The band pays such attention to Willie every night on stage.  Don’t you think their focus would shift over the years, and they’d want to phone it in some nights on the 2nd or third Whiskey River of the evening?  Not the case, though, it sure looks like they are having fun entertaining the crowd, too.  They’re working hard, too.   Willie Nelson and Family are a finely tuned swiss watch.   Bob Weir said that first about his band, but it fits here, just as well.


The apple barrel at the Fillmore, all decorated in honor of the inaugeration day.

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