Willie sings with Nils Lofgren on “Sacred Weapon” cd

Willie sings “In Your Hands” with Nils Lofgren on his  latest cd:  “Sacred Weapon”.  This is the best cut on the album, I think, but that might just be my opinion!  Anyway, this is just one good reason to buy and listen to this 2006 studio release from this great guitar player and artist.  It features 12 original tunes with appearances from David Crosby and Graham Nash, Martin Sexton, Margo Reed, Mary Ann Redmond and Bob Berberich.

NILS LOFGREN has been recording and touring for 37 years. Known for his work with Neil Young, Ringo Starr and as current guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

You can sample the tunes, and hear Willie sing with him, and buy the cd at his website at www.nilslofgren.com .  Also, you can get his tour information there.  Nice website, too.

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