‘Willie’s always been on the front,’ — Derek Trucks

By Melissa Breyer

What are the chances that a nine-year old kid could buy a five-dollar acoustic guitar at a yard sale, figure out how to play it, and start touring a year later? If you’re guitar prodigy Derek Trucks, chances are pretty good.

From second-hand guitar to sitting in with Buddy Guy two years later–by the age of 23 Trucks was accomplished enough to merit a spot in Rolling Stone magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” Now, at 29, Trucks has played with The Allman Brothers Band, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, to name just a few. He continues to play with both The Allman Brothers and as bandleader of the The Derek Trucks Band, which he founded at age 15.

Derek talks with us about building an eco-friendly studio to record his newly released album, Already Free (Sony Music/Victor), his work with St. John’s Riverkeeper, and his efforts at being green in an industry that can occasionally veer off the eco-track.

Are you able to bring some of your green efforts on the road while you’re touring?

I’m in multiple bands so a lot of times we’re at the mercy of who we’re with.  But my wife [Susan Tedeschi] and I have become really good friends with Willie Nelson and his family. He’s been great at showing us all the ways to be green.  They go full biodiesel, and between Farm Aid and all the environmentalists that he’s in contact with, we’ve really been looking into what we can do on our tours.  Willie’s always been on the front of that fight – its great to be around guys like that and to see what the possibilities are.

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