Willie’s BioDiesel

Willie has long been a supporter of American farmers, and has helped many farmers over the years, through his work with Farm Aid, and in many other ways. In 2004, Willie became a part of The Biodiesel Venture BP, LLC partnership, established to “do something practical towards eliminating America’s dependence on foreign oil, help put the American family farmer back to work, and clean up the environment we live in.”

Willie Nelson has thrown his weight and influence into promoting this clean burning, renewable diesel fuel which is made from vegetable oils or animal fats. It does not require vehicles to be modified, and it can be stored the same way as traditional diesel fuel. He has uses biodiesel in his own cars and tour buses, stating, “I use it in my car because I am a firm believer in using renewable fuels that are better for our environment. We should all be doing our part to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and contribute to our own economy. On top of that, Biodiesel’s use helps our nation’s family farmers, while preserving the land for future generations”   And like Kinky Friedman says, “We need to get off our addiction to dinosaur juice.” The company lists the following benefits of this fuel that is made from a fully, renewable energy source, from products grown in the United States:

  1. reduces carbon dioxide exhaust up to 80%
  2. produces 100% less sulfur dioxide than petroleum based diesel
  3. reduces exhaust smoke particle emissions up to 75% (no black diesel cloud)
  4. smell is more pleasant than diesel (can even smell like donuts or popcorn)
  5. Easier to handle for mechanics
  6. Degrades 4 times faster than petroleum diesel
  7. Reduces classic diesel engine “knocking” noise
  8. Can be mixed with regular diesel
  9. and many more.

Willie’s Biodiesel is distributed by Distribution Drive, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Earl Biofules, Inc., publically traded under the ticker symbol EBOF.OB.

Visit the biodiesel website at www.wnbiodiesel.com for lots of information about where you can buy the fuel, news articles, information about awards Willie has won for his support of the fuel, Also, at the site you can buy hats, bumper stickers, shirts, and mousepads!



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