Willie’s Place Night Life Theater at Carl’s Corner, Texas



Leona Williams and Mac Abernathy will perform tonight at Willie’s Night Life Theater at Carl’s Corner, Texas.  Larry Butler will be there on Saturday Night. 

Pat (Miss Tex) went, and told about her good time at the theater last weekend at www.ClubLuck.WillieNelson.com

“Gary & I spent Saturday night dancing in the Night Life Theater @ Willie’s Place to the music of Darrell & Mona McCall, Amber Digby and Justin Trevino.  That place is just so amazing, I can’t stay away.    We had a birthday party to attend earlier in the evening and by the time we got to Carl’s Corner the parking lot was full and there were no empty tables to be had.  We managed to find some chairs and sit along the wall.  The dance floor is perfect which makes for some great boot-scootin’.  The music was good ol’ honky-tonkin’ dance music. 

It was obvious that the folks of Central Texas were needing a nice dance place with the kind of country music music we are used to dancing to.  Gary & I plan to be back when we are in Central Texas.  There’s a great line-up for the next couple of months and I just know the place will continue to be packed. 

Darrell said that Willie told him he wanted to build a place where all of them could play.  Thanks Willie, for providing the most perfect place!!!”

Pat took this picture last weekend

Keep checking www.WilliesPlaceTheater.com to find out who’s performing there; a great place to meet friends, hear great music, eat, drink and dance.

March 6, 7, 2009

 Leona Williams, Mac Abernathy

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 Larry Butler

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