Join Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party: Tax it, regulate it, Legalize it

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Let’s start a new party
There is the tea party
How about the teapot party?
Our motto:  We lean a little to the left
Tax it, regulate it, legalize it 
And stop the border wars over drugs 
Why should the drug lords make all the money?
And thousands of lives will be saved
What do you think?

— Willie

Thanks to Steve Bloom, of, for putting up the TeaPotParty Facebook page.   Like Steve says, “Let’s get this party started!”

139 Responses to “Join Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party: Tax it, regulate it, Legalize it”

  1. Coyote says:

    Finally. . . A party I can be PROUD to be a member of and support without the nagging reservations of other political affiliations. Hip hip hippie hurray!!

  2. Kisha says:

    Awesome I am so it, it’s about time we all organized and stood up to the man!!!!

  3. High in the Hill Country says:

    I’ll always smoke weed with Willie again!

  4. Cyrus B. Metcalf aka "Byrd" says:

    Join this GRASS ROOTS (pun intentional) effort to LEGALIZE, TAX, & REGULATE Cannabus Sativa and all of the Hemp family. Let our voices be heard and we can reclaim the government that is supposed to be “FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE”. The recent actions of the TEA PARTY certainly got the attention of those self serving assholes in the congress and senate, and the TEAPOT PARTY can do even more. It is HIGH TIME that the people stand up for what is right and no longer allow big government to cram down our throats laws that oppress us, but not those that make the laws! There are so many non-violent offenders incarcerated for possessing or using a plant that was placed here by the creator of the universe. It seems to me that if it was good to the creator then it would be good for his creation! The scriptures refers to the leaves of plants being used for the healing of nations, Cannabus is a seed bearing herb and it has so many beneficial medicinal properties. So why are we allowing the thieves and criminals who run the government and fill their pockets with our tax money get away with banning the use of a God given herb. Alcohol and Tobbacco destroy, Marijuana relieves pain and promotes peace and it is HIGH TIME to remove it from the governments drug list! Eye am for promoting this GRASS ROOTS effort and we should vote in STONERS for every position in Washington and eliminate every corrupt lobyist so that America could become solvent and peaceful instead of where we are headed now into bankruptcy and war! If WILLIE NELSON would consider the position maybe the TEAPOT PARTY should write him in on the ballot for the 2012 presidential election! The way this is all going to happen is for each of us to get the word out in any means that you have. May you all be blessed in your efforts! “Byrd”

  5. Monica says:

    I wish Willie would run for president!!

  6. sisterspimp says:

    …….my jaw dropped when i heard about willie!….what the f….and in texass too…..count me in,dress me up,spank me hard………….let’s do this….not just for willie….but for ourselves………..mmmmmmm i’m going to put a teapot on my mailbox……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..sista

  7. cherie aka flyinhigh says:

    About time someone took a stand…we are so behind you!

  8. Porgy Tirebiter says:

    Hey Willie !!!
    You know that your loyal friends, neighbors, and fans in the Hill Country have always been behind you 100% and we’re with you on this on too…
    Merry Christmas from Your Friends in Burnet….

  9. Ruth says:

    Let’s go…………….

  10. Shrimp says:

    We need to hold a party @ every border patrol check point From Texas to Cali & have Willie host it ! What a great days it would be camping on right of ways on each side of the check points .

  11. Candace :) says:

    Go Willie!!!! 🙂

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  13. Barb says:

    I am all for legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana as it is certainly a wonderful pain relieving substance. It certainly is classified wrongly as a drug, that it is not. It is a natural herb that has many medicinal benefits for the human body. I hope that this TEAPOT PARTY will turn things around as far as the unfair laws.
    Lead the parade Willie, we are behind you!

  14. Grunchy says:

    dah, lemme go roll one and…you want me to what? Oh yea, vote, sure Willie, anything for you lol

  15. DianaCrippen says:


  16. Lynn Barber says:

    Should have been done years ago . Wouldn’t it be nice to put this on your shopping list . 1 loaf of bread -milk -toilet paper & a package of nicely rolled joints ! What a Wonderful World it Would Be ! Just think of the JOBS this WOULD create ! ~peace ~

  17. Cina says:

    I’m for it and agin the rest of em!

  18. Chris says:

    HIGH, y’all!!!!

    To paraphrase Obama, LET ME BE CLEAR: not all of us who support the Tea POT Party lean to the political Left. I personally support the original TEA Party AND the Tea POT Party, & refuse to back down to anyone.

    There are tons of people like me on the political Right that oppose marijuana prohibition to one degree or another. For example, Rep. RON PAUL, Dr. Walter Williams, Lew Rockwell, Justin Riamondo, Sen-elect Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Dr. Milton Freidman, Harry Browne, Murray Rothbard….shall I continue?

    Besides, it was the political Left that is responsible for criminalizing drug use: the Progressive movement in the early 20th Century created the FDA, the Harrison Narcotics Act, the Marijuana Tax Act (FDR, 1937), etc. Read your history, my friends!

  19. […] this post), joined with other Facebook pages, such as Massachusetts Teapot Party, other sites like Join Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party all over the web … not to mention the various interviews from TMZ, High Times, CelebStoner w/ […]

  20. Willie, you are an angel flying too close to the ground. Count my vote!

  21. Monique says:

    YEAH! Willie is the best 🙂 I’ll be there for the tea 😉

  22. sofie marie says:

    My daughter and I learned of your arrest two(three?) days after Thanksgiving when she drove in from El Paso (yeah, thru the Sierra Blanca checkpoint) to see me in Marfa. (Btw, Jen is an Aggie, Class of ’96, and partied at all your picnics!).

    Your news came right after my “mugging” by three CPB agents at the Presidio P.O.E. midnight Thanksgiving nite upon returning from a two-week roadtrip to Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The awful experience (latest of many many) drove home history and reality and the danger of bestowing an obscene amount of authority upon the cerebrally challenged.

    What the fuck is happening in our once-great country?!? This government does not speak for me, and I resent playing the Big Fat Ugly American Bully by citizenship default. I joined “” last year & rec’d their free “Yes We Cannabis” bumper sticker.

    We’re with you all the way, Willie! Let’s turn this madness around! Eh, any ideas for a bumper sticker?

  23. Lee says:

    wonderful,Go Willie Go!

  24. Laura says:

    We’re planning a tribute to Willie Nelson with a peaceful rally the same weekend as Kush Con, the worlds largets Cannabis convention in Denver, Colorado. Join us on the 19th at 4:20 p.m. of course!!!!/event.php?eid=171549619532303

  25. lisa says:

    Good for you and good luck

  26. You had me up until tax it . Why should we EVER tax water , food , or medicine ?

  27. Libbie says:

    I don’t use drugs (not even prescription) but I support legalizing all of them. We are wasting valuable resources and missing out on good revenue with our crazy drug laws.

  28. Marsha Webb says:

    I am loving this. I have become soo irratated with the political parties and now there is one I can stand with that I truly believe in the message. I have alwaays loved Willie and what he stands for. Legalization would solve a number if problems, which so far, the mainstream parties have no viable solutions for. COUNT ME IN!!!!

  29. Cliff Jones says:




  30. shawna says:

    i am doing a report for my english class, i am going all for legalization. this is exactly what i needed to read =]]

  31. Brandon says:

    I completely support the legalization of marijuana.

  32. Bill of Rights For Kids…

    lovely site…

  33. LindaLee says:

    Travis, I think it will get accepted more quickly, if there is money for cities and states to make with the decriminalization of marijuana. In Colorado, Gov. Ritter against Med Marijuana law, but when he saw all the money coming in, that went for schools, general fund projects, etc., he accepted it. States that don’t have a MMJ law, will be pressured by its residents who see other states making money, providing services, with the taxes raised by legalizing, taxing it. It’s a start.

  34. Shawna says:

    My 11th grade english research paper

    Marijuana should be legalized, for many reasons. It is a medicinal drug. Cannabis is not as dangerous as the in fact legal drug, alcohol. It has few harmful side-effects, though it is potentially dangerous to schizophrenia patients. West Virginia is one of the largest pot producing states in America. (“Marijuana – West Virginia”, “The Smoke”) Marijuana is not nearly as bad as everyone thinks it is. It is not very dangerous. It produces good feelings. It is a mood enhancing drug.
    Marijuana is a medicinal drug. It reduces cancer risks by nearly half. This has been proven by a Harvard research study. The THC in the cannabis plant kills aging cells, which may kill cancer causing cells. It helps with glaucoma issues. It helps reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s. Marijuana is also a very effective pain-reliever. (‘’ Weed Is What You Need?”, “Marijuana: Health Effects.”)
    Marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as the legal drug alcohol. Not many people have car accidents under the influence of marijuana. Alcohol is legal at the age of twenty-one, marijuana should be too. Alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana; nobody dies smoking pot. People do die from alcohol, hence the condition “alcohol poisoning”. If marijuana is illegal then alcohol should be too. No such thing as marijuana poisoning has ever been heard of, but alcohol poisoning is a common thing. (“Alcohol Worse”) Most would rather deal with a happy stoner than a depressing jerk drunk.
    Marijuana has very few harmful side-effects. With minimal use, it has none at all. (“Marijuana: Health Effects.”) With heavier use it may cause minor malfunctions in the domains of memory and learning. Marijuana is not the cause of some people’s aggressiveness, this is just an excuse. These people were aggressive before. People can completely avoid the risks of respiratory issues by using other methods of using marijuana, such as baking, eating or vaporizing it, instead of smoking it.
    West Virginia is one of the biggest pot producing states in America. According to an online study, 48% of West Virginia high school students have tried marijuana at least once in his or hers lives. The sell prices are $800-1,500 a pound, $120-250 an ounce, $12 a gram, and about $2 for one marijuana cigarette. In 2002 West Virginia seized about 7.3 kilos of pot. 301 people were arrested on marijuana related charges in 2002. (“Marijuana – West Virginia)
    Marijuana without seeds is called sinsminella. It is more valuable than marijuana with seeds. Marijuana eliminates morphine dependence in rats. It produces endorphins which make people happy. Endorphins lower stress levels, which may also lower high blood pressure. Marijuana may also help with anorexia. Getting hungry after smoking pot is often referred to as ‘the munchies’. Most people get “the munchies” after smoking marijuana; this may cause people with anorexia to want food. Marijuana also helps with nausea, which may help bulimics, and cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy.
    Marijuana should be legalized. In fact, three out of four people interviewed agreed. An elderly man interviewed has glaucoma; he says marijuana is the only thing to help his pain. According to him it is the only thing that works. He says he will continue smoking pot, regardless of its legal status. Who would blame him? Everyone interviewed says marijuana helps more than it harms. Even the people who do not use marijuana agree with this. “The term marijuana abuse is a heinous misuse; I prefer the term, marijuana use” (anonymous1.) Another anonymous source says that pot frees your mind and broadens your perspectives, promotes better ideas. Marijuana has a calming effect. Nobody interviewed said anything negative about pot. Willie Nelson says “Tax it, regulate it, and legalize it.”(Teapot Party) Another thing said was “Marijuana is not a gateway drug. I’ve been smoking my whole life and still never touched heroin or crack”. A gateway drug is one that is not physically addictive, but mentally and it may lead to the desire to try harder drugs.
    The marijuana drug war could be eliminated if marijuana were legal. This means many people would not lose their lives. People don’t get killed over cigarettes, or beer. This is because they are both legal. It takes the violence out of it. The fighting is most likely the reason marijuana is illegal in the first place. What the government does not understand is the fact if marijuana were legal; no fighting would be caused over it. No shootings would be caused due to a bad drug deal; it would be less costly so people would not be spending all of their money on it. Another reason marijuana is illegal is because the government has no taxes on it. The government could tax it just like any other thing such as alcohol and tobacco products. It could be marketed the same way.
    Marijuana is known by many names; weed, dope, pot, Mary Jane, cannabis, grass, and the un-famous name of wacky tobacco. Whatever it is called, people have fought for decades over it. They fight because it is illegal, they would not fight if it were legal. It is not very harmful. It calms people, it does not anger them. Marijuana is just a misunderstood drug. It should not be thought of as the cause for some lunatic’s behavior. If people would just realize, they would say marijuana is probably the best drug nature has to offer. So many otherwise innocent people are being imprisoned. Willie Nelson even got arrested on marijuana charges. Willie is not hurting anybody by smoking pot. How do we possibly justify this? Well the simple answer is; legalize marijuana.

  35. Howie Wowie says:


  36. Jon says:

    let’s do this!!! Legalize it… Don’t criticize it.

  37. Trey Corley says:

    I just want to know who I need to contact to help get the word out. How do I go about getting a group started where I live? I’ve had four back surgeries in the last 2 1/2 years & I’ve been on any & every kind of pain meds. & still had no full relief of pain. At times all I wanted to do was sleep other times I couldn’t sleep for days & then there was the two months I tried to figure out how I was going to end my life & who would find me & not wanting my kids to find me. But we’re passed that know. Thank God my uncle who is 73 has had back surgeries before & they were done 30 yrs. ago when they really had no clue what they were doing. Well he sent me a package via my dad & at first I was like ” yeah ok this will make me sit on the couch & eat everything in the house ” like it did when I was in high school but nope!!!! I almost instantly felt the pain leave my body I went out in the yard & did things I hadn’t done in two years. I was pain free & I mean pain free. So I’m a firm believer in it being a must in medical treatment. So sorry I went all the way around the house just to ask ” How can I make an impact in my area? Can someone who reads this send me some pamplets or something that I can have to go by to lead me in the right way of doing this”?

  38. olga ortiz says:

    I’m with you Willie

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