“Willie Nelson arrested in Texas for 6 ounces of cannabis; God, who produces it naturally across the globe, still at large” John Fugelsang

By Scott Galindez

n a major coup for the border patrol’s war on drug smuggling on the Mexican border, authorities seized 6 ounces of marijuana and detained notorious pot-smoking outlaw Willie Nelson. Nelson was detained after a border patrol officer heroically boarded his tour bus after detecting a pungent scent in the air

US Border Patrol spokesman Bill Brooks said Nelson’s tour bus was stopped at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, at about 9 a.m. on Friday. He said an officer smelled pot when a door was opened and a search turned up 6 ounces of marijuana.

Brooks said Nelson was among three people arrested.

Nelson and his crew were reportedly on their way to Austin following a gig in California. The arrest did not take place on the border, but at a checkpoint well inside the United States.

When news of the arrest leaked to Twitter, tweeters were shocked and Nelson shot up to the top of the trending list.

Comedian John Fugelsang pointed out that while Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas for 6 ounces of cannabis, God, who produces it naturally across globe, is still at large.

A popular retweet: “They arrested Willie Nelson for weed?!? That’s like arresting Santa for breaking and entering.”

Rock guitarist Slash tweeted: “All things considered, Willie Nelson should have a federal issue, no limit marijuana license. End of story.”

However, others tweeted that they would be able to sleep better knowing that Nelson is off the streets.

It didn’t take long for Sage Francis to start a new “hash” tag: #FreeWilly.

According to multiple media sources Nelson was released after posting bail in the amount of $2,500.

While I mixed in a little satire, the sad thing is that this is a true story. How many of you would have even looked for the pot? I think I would have told Willie to make sure the driver didn’t get stoned, and to have a nice day. After I got his autograph of course.

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  8. Sue Land says:

    Although I adore Willie and have been a fan for many years and will continue to be one, the law is the law. We cannot pick and choose the ones we wish to obey. If we don’t agree on the right of the law we as citizens should work to change that law, as I believe some are trying to do now. In the mean time we obey the law unless it is contary to God’s Law.

  9. George says:


    Who makes the laws? A bunch of crooks, thieves and perverts. Take a look at Washington today. God and justice has NOTHING to do with our laws or their enforcement. It’s all money and special interest.

    Big business, giant pharmaceutical companies, and the military industrial complex write the laws through their hordes of paid lobbyists in Washington. Our President, the Congress and courts have little integrity at this point and will sell themselves to the highest bidder, all at the expense of the American people and their freedoms. Why aren’t the CEO’s of the big banks who have stolen trillions of taxpayer dollars being targeted by the police?

    Some other things to consider:

    – Why are there permanent federal checkpoints up to 100 miles into the U.S. when they can’t seem to control the illegal immigrants and illegal drugs that are streaming over the border? Does this seem like a good use of taxpayer dollars to you?

    – Why is the government allowed to touch your breasts and genitals at the airport if you don’t go through their radiation scanners that show you completely nude and needlessly expose you to radiation? Does it seem right that someone has to see a fully-detailed image of your son or daughter’s nude body or feel his penis or her vagina just to get on a plane — all while someone can just stick a device up their butt and go completely undetected? Who made the money on the radiation scanners?

    Finally, God would NEVER condone making marijuana illegal or arresting Willie Nelson. And if he did, I’ll take my chances with the devil.


  10. Annie Mame says:

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  11. Angela Boardman says:

    This is an excellent report. Thank you for sharing. Once again, Willie Nelson is villanized by the laws of this land. My father, Marvin Dutmers in Michigan is outraged!

  12. Anonymous says:

    @Sue Land:
    The law is the law, you’re absolutely right.
    So is a little thing known as “an officer’s discretion”.
    If this were not a high stakes political game involving a celebrity and someone’s sick idea of an agenda, Nelson’s stash would have been confiscated and the crew would have been told not to stick around,
    and to “have a nice day”.

    The average punk on the street has been known to benefit from an officer’s discretion when it is obvious that the state has nothing to gain and the kid has everything to lose from what is essentially a nuisance bust.

    It’s a foregone conclusion that this being Nelson’s third offense, the judge is going to make an example of him and deliver him to the slammer for six months. Willie Nelson is not in good health and he is 77 years old.
    Are we really willing to let Willie Nelson die behind bars, in order to stand on ceremony? Texas has already allowed a sitting president to be murdered on her streets, a beloved president at that.

    If Nelson dies behind bars for a little bag of weed, Texas will have yet one more thing to be ashamed. I wonder if enough people are smart enough to realize how it makes Texas look to the rest of the world.
    I already know how it makes our so called “war on drugs” look….
    like an even bigger sham than it already is.

  13. Rolly Spirig says:

    There are not too many people who represent the United States outside its borders in honest, earnest and humble way – Willie is definitely one of them! Free Willie!!

    Rolly, Switzerland

  14. Andy says:

    You can’t even begin to see how stupid this makes your country look in the eyes of the rest of the world. Since 33% of the USA allegedly believes the Genesis version of the Universe, one of you ought to prosecute God for creating marijuana, coca leaves and poppies. He’s clearly guilty.

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  17. Bob says:

    As much as I like Nelson and think he does a lot of good things for the people in the US, he new better and should play by the rules like we all have to.

  18. Don says:

    Willie nelson Is living proof The pot more hurt you Cos he’s been smoking in longer than most people been alive

  19. Big Daddi says:

    Willie Nelson caught with 6 oz of smoke………………..The Legend Grows

  20. I'll never smoke weed with Willie again says:

    if Willie was busted with 6oz. of weed, the officer should have let him go. Because Willie was damn near out of weed!

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