Willie Nelson & Family in Orlando (2/19/2011)


by Erik

For the first time in quite a while, there was no rain, the sun was warm and the beer was flowing. Bands, Brew, & BBQ welcomed Willie Nelson this past weekend at Sea World Orlando and it couldn’t have been a better day for it. Journey to Atlantis also reopened, and the animals were out in full force soaking up the sun.

Just before his concert on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011, he was able to meet one of SeaWorld’s flippered friends, Seamore the sea lion.http://www.countrymusictattletale.com

The crowds were fairly steady, but not as bad as you would think for a holiday weekend. Meanwhile, all of the animals in the park seemed to be relieved that the winter has taken a break and were all out in force.The end result were some pretty good animal shots. Plus, it’s always fun to catch things at just the right time. We were able to watch keepers feed the rays inside the Manta Aquarium. Very surreal to look up and see someone standing right on top of you. Honestly I’d love to see what it’s like from the other side.




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