Willie Nelson Supports the Nike+ Human Race

Willie Nelson’s bike, by his bus


Willie Nelson Challenges TX to Run the Nike+ Human Race 10K

Nike’s launching the Nike+ Human Race, the world’s largest running event ever and legendary artist Willie Nelson is rallying up Texas, from his US Tour, to participate in Austin on 8-31-08.

Willie’s inviting y’all to run with us on 8-31-08 and shares some insight on Austin’s high energy running community, his buddy Lance Armstrong’s and why Ben Harper is the perfect match for the Austin race.

Nike:  What were your thoughts when you heard that the Nike+ human Race was coming to Austin, and was one of only 25 cities?

Willie Nelson:  Well, I think it’s natural because Austin is always out in front and lined up with whoever else is out in front, doing the right thing, so I wasn’t surprised at all that Austin was one of the places to be hosting the big race.

N:  What does this mean for Austin?

WN:  I can’t speak for Austin all the way, but I have been here thirty years and I know Austin is not trying to bump its own name, here. We’re just trying to join in with the rest of the world and do a run for a cause.

N:  What are your thoughts on Ben Harper performing?

WN:  He’s a good buddy of mine. I think he’s a great musician, singer, writer, and a good friend. I’m not surprised at all that he’s involved in this.

N:  Lance Armstrong is going to be running the race. What are your thoughts on Lance’s involvement in health and fitness, and athleticism, in general?

WN:  Lance has done a lot for the world and he has shown what one individual is capable of doing, even while facing all kinds of adversities. You know, he’s a hero to a lot of us, and the fact that he’s from Austin makes it a little sweeter.

N:  How many years have you been running and why do you run?

WN:  I just try to exercise…I try to do enough in the morning to make up for what I did, detrimentally, the night before. I try to make it even out, but you know, we don’t live the greatest lifestyles out here traveling on the road and eating whatever we can get a hold of. So, any kind of exercise we can do daily is good, and I try to get in a run or a bike ride or something every day.

Q:  Austin is such a running town. Can you tell us a little about its view on fitness and running, as a whole?

WN:  Well, you’re absolutely right. Paul has had a lot to do with that too and has set an example for runners and people around Austin. You know, I enjoy running around Austin. I enjoy going downtown and running on the rivers and lakes down there, and you see just loads and loads of people doing it every single day. There’s not a more beautiful place to run and Austin has so many great roads and trails

N:  Why should Texans run this race?

WN:  Texans should join the Austin race together with the other cities for this great race. The charities are great, the money will be going to good causes and I’m just proud to be a part of it. I urge all Texans, and really, people all over the world to do this, and mainly Texas – let’s go out there and lead the way.

N:  Any final thoughts for our readers?

WN:  Hey, this is Willie and I want to invite all our friends and family and everybody all over the world, especially you folks from Texas, to come out on August 31st for the Nike+ Human Race.  It brings the world’s attention to the benefits of running and we’re supporting running all over the world AND it’ll be in 25 different cities. So, if you’d like to get involved, just go to nikeplus.com .

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