Willie Nelson on Larry King (as uplifting as always)


Last night I watched the Willie Nelson interview on Larry King. Willie, as uplifting as always, is seldom seen or heard in the mainstream media because he says what he thinks. Last night was no different. Willie turned 77 this month and still tours constantly. He plays to wildly cheering crowds of all ages and political stripes around the globe. His first professional music gig was at age 12. He is, and will always be, a genius and an inspiration to me and millions of others.

Larry’s interview style and personal love for Willie created a perfect venue for him. Willie talked about his old friend Trigger, the Martin guitar he’s played onstage and off for half a century, about some of the great musicians he’s shared the stage with through his long career. He talked about Farm Aid, the damage caused by corporate agriculture, the plight of family farmers and some of his efforts to help them and us fight for safe/healthy foods. He talked about bio-deisel and how his tour’s buses run on it.

Willie wasn’t afraid to talk about subjects usually considered taboo on mainstream media. He questioned the facts about 9-11, the propaganda surrounding it and the media’s complicity. But most heartening to this old pothead Willie continues to unabashedly support the cause.

Willie was wearing a hemp linen suit that’s a part of a non-profit hemp clothing line that he, Woody Harleson and Ziggy Marley have started. He talked about his longterm and and present day recreational use of pot explaining to Larry that he’d smoked up just before doing the interview, that he smoked the herb with pleasure and without remorse. Willie talked about legalization and the upcoming referendum in California this fall and his hopes for its passage saying that he hoped the tax revenue derived from it would be used to increase badly needed education funding there. He said “as California goes, so goes the nation” and that one day marijuana would be legal again everywhere. i sure hope he’s right and that i live long enough to smoke pot grown legally in my garden.


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