Raul Malo cover’s Willie Nelson’s “Angel Flying Too Close to the Sun” on his new album

Raul Malo has a beautiful voice, and everything he sings sounds wonderful.  He cover’s Willie’s “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” on his new album, “You’re Only Lonely,” along with covers of Everly Brothers, Etta James, Roy Orbison and more. He is performing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday night at the Byham Theater.  Malo’s voice has drawn comparison to Roy Orbison’s and sometimes Elvis Presley’s, and he also brings to mind his contemporary, Chris Isaak. 

Friday’s show begins at 8 p.m. Friday at the Byham, 101 Sixth St., Pittsburgh, PA Tickets are $26 and $36.  Details: 412-456-6666.

For information on Raul Malo, and his music, visit is website:  www.raulmalo.com

Malo’s relationship with Willie began when he was with the Mavericks, and they recorded  an album which included “Time Goes By”, which was written by Malo and Willie Nelson.


Originally making his mark in the country music world and then slipping into the Latin and jazz arenas via rock & roll, Raul Malo has proven to be an ever expanding musical talent. A founder of The Mavericks, one of the outstanding country bands of the ‘90s, Mr. Malo led the group to release a number of albums under the MCA label with What a Crying Shame going platinum in the spring of 1995, and Music for All Occasions making gold. The Mavericks eventually won a Grammy and the Country Music Association twice named it the Top Vocal Group of the year. In the late ‘90s, Raul began doing parallel solo work. After completing his first solo tour in the U.K, Malo began to produce music with Ethan Allen and K.T. Oslin in 2000, and joined the Los Super Seven as a lead vocalist and songwriter, in addition to working with the Latin singer Rick Trevino in his studios. When the Country Music Association needed a voice capable of singing all the hits of the 2001 Country Music Hall of Fame inductees, they called on Raul Malo because of his amazing mastery of diverse rhythms.

On his first album as a single, Today, released by Omtown/Higher Octave Music in October 2001, he sings in both English and Spanish, reflecting his Cuban background and his country style. His love for all kinds of music allows him to continuously cross cultures and blur musical boundaries as he combines the various rhythms of calylpso, carnival, jazz, salsa and country in his songs.

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