A Peaceful Solution


Artist Patrick Moore  has written new lyrics to the song, ‘A Peaceful Solution,’ and submitted his version to the Willie Nelson Peace Research institute.  You can watch Patrick’s video ,and all the other recording of the song, written by Willie Nelson and daughter Amy, at the Willie Nelson Peace Research institute http://WillieNelsonPRI.com

Willie has recorded several beautiful versions of the song, and you can listen to those versions at the site, too.  And if you feel inspired to record the song yourself, the website informs how you can submit your version to be featured at the site, as well.


“My purpose in music is to have fun and share the excitement I feel from a common vision pulling us all together.

Willie Nelson continues to be a guiding force – his solidarity with the people, his wise, gentle & generous way nurtures real hope that we together can usher in “A Peaceful Solution.”

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