Another great review for Naked Willie, by Matt Bjorke


The great reviews for Willie Nelson’s, ‘Naked’ album, due in stores tomorrow, keep coming in.

Here’s one from Matt Bjorke, of, who likes it as much as I do:


“After “Crazy” became a success and Willie had recorded sides for a few Liberty Records albums and even scoring one Top 10 hit, he then moved over to Chet Akins’ RCA Records and while the legendary C.G.P. knew what a talent he had with Willie, he couldn’t figure out that Willie was best left to be an artist of his own devices to record his albums, as he did with 1975’s “Red Headed Stranger.”  From that point forward, labels and fans got Willie and he, along with his Outlaw friends, redefined the way albums were made.  Instead of having a producer tell them what songs and what musicians they could use on the recording, which was standard until “Read Headed Stranger,” artists were now free to record their albums with more input.  It is with this sprit that Willie Nelson’s good friend and band member Mickey Raphael went to work on ‘un-producing’ seventeen tracks from Willie’s 1966-1970 records that were all produced by Chet, Felton Jarvis and Danny Davis in the “Nashville Sound” of lush strings and harmony vocalists.  Instead of that lush sound is a bare bones, classic album that recalls the stuff that Willie got famous.  It’s a less is more approach and it works, very well.

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