Billy Joe Shaver Greatest Hits CD To Be Released in January 2007


Compadre Records has announced the release of a Billy Joe Shaver Greatest Hits cd, scheduled for January 23, 2007.  I just gotta ask:  Why isn’t this out for Christmas?  They know what they are doing, I know.  One good thing is that by then, maybe Billy Joe will be out on the road again.  He is still at his home in Texas, healing from a leg-wrestling accident last Fall.  Billy Joe was in Vegas, where he had married his ex-wife, and injured himself leg-wrestling with a friend.  Hopefully, when the album is released, he will be out and about promoting it. 

Every great country western singer has sung his songs, including Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan and The Allman Brothers Band, to name a few. Waylon Jennings’ 1973 Honky Tonk Heroes album, widely credited for launching the Outlaw movement in country music, featured ten of Shaver’s songs.  No one can sing his music like Billy Joe.  His concerts are spiritual experiences, it’s hard to explain, but he moves you. 

Some greatest hits collections arent, but this one is; he has written so many great songs:  

Big & Rich, longtime Shaver fans, co-produced their duet with Shaver on his inspirational masterpiece “Live Forever.” Shaver’s son, Eddy, who passed away tragically in 2000, posthumously teams up with his dad on “Step On Up.” Greatest Hits features “Try and Try Again,”  Some songs were were recorded at Billy Joe Shaver’s 2006 concert at London’s Luminaire.

This is a great collection, but I recommend you buy his cd The Real Deal, for a good time.  It’s a great cd. 



1. Good Ol USA
2. Georgia on a Fast Train
3. Freedom’s Child
4. Try and Try Again
5. Old Chunk of Coal
6. Step On Up
7. Honky Tonk Heroes
8. Hottest Thing in Town
9. That’s What She Said Last Night
10. When Fallen Angels Fly
11. I Couldn’t Be Me Without You
12. Black Rose
13. Light a Candle for Me*
14. Ride Me Down Easy
15. Melody*
16. Old Five and Dimers
17. You Asked Me To
18. Live Forever

*previously unreleased songs

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