Blackie Buck talks about Doc Jenkins (Songwriter 1984)


“Doc’s ace in the hole in this world full of wheelers, and wackos, and dealers, and old obligations, and too little time, was a burning commitment to living by his wits…without stooping to work. 

So far he’s semi-succeeded. Thanks to innocence, audacity, and a flat refusal to let himself be out-gangstered by some fat guy in a suit. 

You see, in the music business, just like in real life, it’s a day-to-daily war between the sorry and the soulful.  And no rule says the righteous gotta win. 

But I’m putting my money on a conman, gypsy, badass, true-blue, legendary, bandit hero. 

And when’s it’s all over they can say he did it for the love, but he was not above the money.”

Kris Kristofferson as “Blackie Buck” talking about his friend “Doc Jenkins”, played by Willie Nelson; Songwriter, 1984

[Thanks to George, from California, for sending this transcript.]

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