Bright Lights of Denver

I saw my first WideSpread Panic show tonight, at Red Rocks.  Some dead heads made me go, and I can’t say no to a Red Rocks show in the summer.  Great show, beaufiul weather, nice crowd.  Jimmy Herring, wow.  Talented group of guys; tight.  The fans were a nice group of people.  They danced throughout the entire show; no one sat down.  Now, that’s my kind of audience.  They were young and sure enjoyed their recreational drugs, and shared generously.  I can’t remember when a guy last came up to me and asked me how my high was, like he could adjust it if need be.

A sweet thing about the Red Rocks shows for me is the ride home.  When you are driving down out of Morrison, you see the bright lights of Denver, shining like diamonds.  Tonight, coming down, I thought of Willie and Connie Nelson driving down I-70 out of the mountains, coming home from skiing, heading home to Austin.  And Willie seeing those bright lights, and saying the words of the songs, and Connie writing it down. 

The bright lights of Denver are shinin’ like diamonds.
Like ten thousand jewels in the sky.
An’ it’s nobody’s business where you’re goin’ or where you come from.
An’ you’re judged by the look in your eye.
She saw him, that evenin’ in a tavern in town.
In a quiet little out of the way place.
An’ they smiled at each other as he walked through the door.
An’ they danced with their smiles on their faces.
An’ they danced with a smile on their face

Saw a couple Willie Nelson shirts there!  But I see them at all the shows I go to.

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