Farm Aid 2022 Grantees (nearly $1.2 million)

See list of 2022 Grantees on Farm Aid website here.

In addition to Farm Aid’s work throughout the year to build a thriving family farm-centered system of agriculture, Farm Aid funds family farm and rural service organizations through our annual grant program. We view our grantees around the country as critical on-the-ground partners in the movement to keep family farmers on the land, producing good food for all.


Farm Aid made grants totaling $1,187,100 in 2022, the majority of which were made during the month of December to 88 family farm, rural service and urban agriculture organizations in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Grants ranged from $2,500 to $50,000. Farm Aid’s grantmaking priorities for 2022 included work that supports family farmers, that works to achieve racial equity and social justice, that prioritizes farmer-led solutions to climate change, and that builds power for systemic change in our farm and food system.

Farm Aid’s grantmaking process is a collaborative one that allows all Farm Aid staff members to participate. This annual process enables Farm Aid staff to understand, witness and support the good work that is going on all across the country to support family farmers, fight for equity and justice, and empower rural communities.

“Thanks to the continued generosity of supporters from across the country, today Farm Aid is able to send critical funds to hardworking organizations who share Farm Aid’s mission. The real power of Farm Aid’s grants is in the network of changemakers they knit together, in cities and rural areas across this country, who are working to build an equitable and sustainable farm and food system for us all.”

— Willie Nelson

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