Farm Aid thanks the Willie Nelson and Family Crew


It takes a lot of work and dedication to put on a large-scale show like Farm Aid.  Every year there are many people involved in putting the show together, many of whom are invisible to the crowd.  Without these people, the show could not go on.  They spend days, weeks, even months in advance preparing for the show.  They set up the stage and prepare the venue, sometimes all night long.  Then they spend the concert day on stage and backstage, sweating for the twelve to fifteen hours it takes to run the show.  These people put in hours above and beyond the call of any working day.  We want to thank all the people behind the scenes who help to make Farm Aid such a special event.  Thank you!  We truly appreciate all that you do.

There is one crew that should be singled out as extradordinary.  Willie Nelson’s crew gives tirelessly at every Farm Aid show.  Not only have these people never let us down, they hold us up.

David Anderson, Tour Manager
Lana Nelson, Assistant to Willie
Larry Gorham, Head of Security
Buddy Prewitt, Lighting Engineer
Kenny Koepke, Sound Technician
Tom Hawkins, Piano Tuner
Aaron Foye , Monitor Engineer
Bobby Lemmons, House Engineer
John Selman, Stage Manager
Gates Moore, Willie’s Bus Driver
Tony Sizemore, Band/Crew Bus Driver
Neil Smidt, Band Crew Bus Driver
Frank Smith, Truck Driver
Tom Duncan, Trucking

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