Happy New Year! Willie Nelson Guitar Pick of the day (thanks, Guthrie Thomas)


Guthrie Thomas shared this sneak preview of the first Willie Nelson guitar pick of 2013!  Nice job, Buddy and Guthrie.  Festive!  

Greetings Linda!

Thought you might like to see the Willie Pick made for his two night New Year’s 2013 shows.  Only a small handful were made for the two nights.  This will be one of Willie’s very rare picks.

All my best and have a Grand New Years evening!


Visit Guthrie’s Website, and learn more about his guitar pick business.  If you have a band, or if you just want a guitar pick with your name and phone number to use instead of a business card, or to commemmorate a wedding or bat vitzvah — visit Guthrie’s website for all your guitar pick needs.  www.gtpicks.com 

Guthrie is accomplished musician, too, withdozens of albums, albums, and you can listen to some of his music here and see some videos here. 



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