Hello Linda, this is Willie Nelson…..


Yes!  I can’t believe it, either, but Willie Nelson called me and gave me information about attending the Choteau, Montana show on July 3, 2007.

I was up in the mountains Saturday, getting away from the heat here in Colorado, and when I got back down and picked up cell phone service, there was a message on my telephone from Willie Nelson! 

I was so excited, and later on let my brother listen to the message, thinking he’d be excited for me.  He knows what a fan I am.  All he said was, “That doesn’t sound like Willie Nelson.  His voice is too low.” 

I told him maybe his voice sounds lower when he talks than when he sings.  Doubtful, he said, “How can you be sure?  It might be a friend pulling a trick on you.” 

I told him, “No, no friend of mine would do that.”

So, thank you, Willie.  You are too kind.

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