John Spong’s, “One By Willie”, with Micah Nelson

Willie Nelson’s Son Micah on Trigger, Roger Miller, and “Still Is Still Moving to Me”

by: John Spong

On this special Father’s Day episode, Micah, now a visual artist and leader of his own band, Particle Kid, discusses the indomitable energy in “Still Is Still Moving to Me” and how much fun he has playing it each night as the rhythm-guitar picker in his dad’s Family band. From there he goes on to describe the drive to constantly be creating that he inherited from his dad, one of his dad’s favorite Roger Miller stories, and the magic of discovering obscure songs Willie wrote and recorded decades before Micah was even born.

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Micah Nelson was two months from turning three years old when his dad released Across the Borderline in March 1993. Even hard-core fans may not remember that Willie was at a crossroads back then. It had been almost four years since he’d had a number one country single, and his label, Columbia Records, was talking about reclassifying him as a “legacy act.” Across the Borderline changed that, and, in a very real way, its closing track—the high-octane, Trigger-heavy anthem “Still Is Still Moving to Me”—powered the living legend phase of Willie’s career that he’s been riding ever since.

Listen to interview and read transcript and article at Texas Monthly here.

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