Jump on the Farm Aid Bandwagon

Farm Aid

by Caroline Malcolm FIore

Dear Farm Aid Supporter:

This September we’re revving up the Farmall Cub tractor and calling on our community to climb aboard the Farm Aid Bandwagon!

Farm Aid is strong because of the thousands of donors, artists, volunteers, festivalgoers, activists, advocates and eaters who have amplified our mission since 1985. We are humbled by the stories you share about why Farm Aid is important to you and we’re inspired by your commitment to family farmers and ranchers. In the spirit of community, we’ve created the Farm Aid Bandwagon, a platform where you can celebrate Farm Aid while raising funds and awareness for our work.


  1. Create a fundraising page.
  2. Personalize it with your Farm Aid story.
  3. Share it with your friends and family to drive donations to Farm Aid!

We’ve even made it really easy to sync your fundraiser to Facebook to maximize your fundraiser’s reach – and raise! You’ll see we’ve got some great rewards for our fundraisers, including the chance to win a trip to the next live Farm Aid festival.

Our goal is to raise $35,000 through the Bandwagon over the month of September in honor of Farm Aid’s 35th anniversary – but we can’t do this without YOU! We’re also planning some fun challenges for our Bandwagon fundraisers and we’ll be posting them here on our blog each week.

We hope you’ll join us on the Farm Aid Bandwagon in September! Thank you for your support.


Each week of September we’ll be sharing fundraising tips and challenges with the Bandwagon. Here’s a few to kick off the month as we countdown to Farm Aid 2020 On the Road.


If you haven’t done so yet, consider the following:


  • Personalize your fundraising page. We know you have a special connection to Farm Aid. Sharing your Farm Aid story and the reasons why you believe in our mission will help bring in even more donations from friends and family who want to support the cause you care about. Or, you might choose to dedicate your birthday, celebration or even a personal challenge to Farm Aid this month and ask folks to support you. There are plenty of photos, logos and videos available for your use on our Fundraising Tools page.This week we’ll pick a few Bandwagon stories to share on Farm Aid’s social platforms! We can’t wait to read yours.
  • Make the first donation. If you can, making the first donation to seed your campaign can really encourage others to do so! Whether it’s just an initial $5 or more, your investment in your fundraiser will show your dedication – and will inspire others to chip in, too.


  • Create a Facebook Fundraiser. We’ve made it really easy to connect your fundraising page to Facebook to maximize your reach and raise. To create a Facebook Fundraiser, log in to your Farm Aid fundraising page and click ‘Manage’ and then the ‘Facebook’ tab to get started. It only takes a minute to link your account and your entire fundraiser (photos, story, goal and donations) will be automatically synced with Facebook.

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