Kenny Chesney Talks About Producing Willie Nelson’s Album

Chesney is now preparing for a major summer tour called “Flip Flop” and he has already sold out all the major stadiums in cities like Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit. But this past year, Chesney added more depth to his recording career by producing an album for Willie Nelson.

“I think every musician and songwriter and artist gets to that point in their life where they need some inspiration,” Chesney said. “Right when I needed it the most, God gave me Willie Nelson. It was a — really an honor and a pleasure to be responsible for the music that that guy made. You know, it’s really neat.”

The album features some of the biggest names in songwriting such as Kris Kristofferson Dave Matthews and Jimmy Buffett. It’s just another feather in the cap of the reigning entertainer of the year, who is again in the vying for the honor. Chesney said being nominated reflects not just his popularity, but a lot of peoples’ contributions to his career.

“It’s a reflection of a lot of things,” he said, “you know, a lot of hard work and sacrifice and compassion and commitment.”

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