Lukas Nelson Interview

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By: Steve Baltin

For Lukas Nelson, quarantine hasn’t been the worst thing. While the Grammy-winning Nelson (who took home an award for his work on the soundtrack to A Star Is Born) misses being on the road, something he has done his whole life with dad Willie Nelson, he got to spend a lot of quality family time.  “I had dinner with my mom and dad every night at 5:30,” he says of how he spent the first four and a half months of the pandemic.

He has also been incredibly prolific as he told me when we spoke recently to celebrate the announcement of his first Gibson Signature Guitar, inspired by the 1956 Les Paul Jr. Nelson has taken out playing with his dad, with Neil Young and on his own.

I spoke with Nelson about his passion for golf, the best musician/golfer hhe has played with, the guitar, Harry Potter and more.   

Steve Baltin: Last time I saw you was at the Village Studios when you performed with Robby Krieger of the Doors.

Lukas Nelson: I love Robby. Robby’s a golfer, he and I both golf so that’s kind of how we connected. Well, my brother and John Densmore have also been friends. So I’m friends with both of them. And after we did that gig at the Village we’ve done a few other things together. Lots of good stories about the Doors.Recommended For You

Baltin: I love Densmore, one of my favorite interviews, as is Alice Cooper. Have you ever golfed with Alice?

Nelson: Oh yeah, all the time. We golf all the time together when he’s in Maui and he’s in Maui a lot. His manager is Shep Gordon, who’s a good friend of mine. So yeah Alice and I played golf together quite a lot.

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