Micah Nelson & the Reflectacles: (Artists of the Year — California State University Music Industry Studies)


What are “reflectacles” in a more general sense? Goggles? Mirrors? Something that reflects? Truth be told, the barefooted friends named their band after a word they made up to describe “cardboard glasses that diffract light into rainbows”, and I don’t find any other explanation necessary. The first fifty fans at each and every Reflectacles concert is entitled to their own pair of “reflectacles” to add to their already engaging performance.

The Reflectacles’ individual members “in order of most to least likely to defeat a grizzly bear in a fight”, says Gerry, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, are “Devin (a beast, himself), Gerry (black belt in karate), Logan (Eagle Scout), Chris (sheer weight advantage), Micah (an even match), and Lincoln (financially indebted to grizzly bears)”. I think it’s safe to say that the group holds a sense of humor. They met “under a vague combination of hitchhiking, college, and grizzly bear wrestling tournaments”, and I wouldn’t doubt them for it.

Influences of The Reflectacles include Bob Dylan, Baruch Spinoza, Tom Waits, and The Kinks. I’d say there’s enough here to prove the group is unique, and their music only supports this image.

Had I seen the potential of this band sitting at that desk months ago, I would have more than voted for them, but shown them to every person I know within my line of musical interest.

This summer, the band will be playing several shows in the Los Angeles area, in addition to a performance in Maui. They’ll also be opening for Willie Nelson, who’s son plays drums for The Reflectacles, at his 4th of July Extravaganza in Austin, Texas.

Future plans also include the release of a full-length concept album, which the group has already begun to work on. I can only hope that The Reflectacles’ music earns the attention and respect it deserves, and I’m eager to see their awaiting accomplishments. If the music doesn’t prove to be your cup of tea on the first listen, listen again and your award awaits you, as did mine.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/thereflectacles

For fans of: folk rock in general, Bob Dylan, Wilco, The Band

All photos by Heihachiro Fukuda

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