Michael Phelps promises Nike: I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again!


REUTERS.  Olympian Gold medal winner Michael Phelps released a press release today to fans and sponsors that he would never smoke marijuana cigarettes with Willie Nelson. He said he had never done it before, and he wouldn’t do it again. And he apologized to fans and family and especially his sponsors, he’s really really sorry to his sponsors, for the embarrassment he caused them when the picture of him smoking a bong appeared in a tabloid magazine. Rumors about Phelps and Nelson spread around the internet when he was seen at a Willie Nelson concert in New Jersey last month.

Privately, Phelps tells friends that he wished he’d been smoking weed with Willie Nelson on his bus, instead of in a dorm room with strangers will cell phones.

“Yeah, I wished I’d smoked with Willie. He would never take my picture and sell it to a tabloid.  His bus would have been so much cooler than that dorm room, and I bet is pot is better, too.“

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