Nathaniel Rateliff on the Farm Yard Stage

Each year at the annual Farm Aid festival in addition to the great music provided by all the generous artists who perform, the event offers informational exhibits and speakers. You have the chance to speak with farmers, to learn about what it takes to run farm, their challenges and learn what we can do individually and what we can encourage our elected officials to do.

Many artists join farmers on the stages under the tents and they discuss pressing issues and share inspiring stories showcasing food and farming. . This year panels discussed climate change and agriculture; how food and farming deepen our connections to each other; and how stress impacts family farmers.

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Nathaniel Rateliff joined others in the afternoon to discuss Native American agriculture and talked about the fight to make native food available in schools. The Farm Yard Stage was hosted by Pam Jahnke, Farm Director for the Wisconsin Farm Report Radio.

Nathaniel talked about efforts by his and other touring artists to request as much locally sourced food as possible on their tours and also about working towards zero waste.

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It is always so difficult to leave the music on the main stage at Farm Aid, to go hear a panel or see an exhibition, meet with a farmer, but it is always so great when you do. So much goes on, and it’s just one day. Visit Farm Aid’s website to read more.

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