New Song from Alex Caton: “Willie Nelson, I love You (and My Husband, he doesn’t really mind)

x-cillw.xom:  “If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?”

Alex Caton:    “It would definitely be Willie Nelson. I think he would be fantastic company. He’d bring good food, and it would be a great time.

I just wrote a song professing my love for Willie Nelson with the Pete Winne project.  The name of the song is:  “Willie Nelson, I Love You (and My Husband, He Doesn’t Really Mind),” and we’re trying to get it to him.  My favorite line—I use lines of his throughout the song— it goes,

“If you only had one arm to hold me
I guess I’d be on that side
If you told me you’re half the man you used to be;
then I’d tell you it’s the half I’d like to see.”

He might be into it!

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