Snowbound in Colorado; Baking banana bread, and watching President Ford’s Funeral on TV.

   My dog loves the snow.      Dusty in the backyard

  My front yard.    Last week it was all shoveled out, and now its got to be done again.

Why do we watch funerals on television?  I guess President Kennedy’s was the first one I ever saw.  Yesterday, I saw part of James Brown’s  final procession to the Appollo Theater, past thousands of fans who’d come to pay their respects.  Today, there is a service for President Ford in California.  Mrs. Ford, on the arm of a military escort and her family, but without President Ford, after 58 years of being together.  Then, his body is being flown to Washington D.C., then to Michigan for his interrment.  Three funerals on TV.

We’ve got another blizzard here in Colorado and I’m at home, snowed in, still in my pajamas.  Office is closed in Boulder, but I couldn’t make it even if it were open.  I brought work home, but so far all I’ve done is some baking:  banana bread and muffins.  I’ve got Willie Nelson music on loud, and the television with the funeral broadcast turned low.  Maybe I should play some of Willie and Bobbie’s gospel music, but the “Sourjourns” from the “Revolutions of time…the Journey 1975-1993” cd set is appropriate.  Really, I wouldn’t mind it playing at my funeral.  This album, like so many of Willie’s songs are like a soundtrack to a life:  Summertime; Faded Love; Night Life; Old Friends; In the Jailhouse Now; Everything’s Beautiful in It’s Own Way; How do you Feel About Foolin’ Around?  All good.  I don’t think President Ford would object to my music selection for his service.

The banana bread is done.  I’m waiting for my neighbor and her girls to showshoe over to share it with me.  I hope they get here before I eat it all.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year, filled with music and fellowship.

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