Stand With Farmers

I’ve got an update on Farm Aid 2019 for you below, but first I wanted to let you know about an important opportunity for you to stand with farmers.

The people who grow our food deserve to make a fair living. But that’s out of reach for the livestock and poultry farmers who work in an industry where the power of giant corporations leaves them trapped in a rigged marketplace, vulnerable to abusive business practices. On the Farm Aid hotline, we hear from many farmers and ranchers who are barely hanging on in this system. They work hard to grow our food, yet they struggle to feed their own families.

This summer, the USDA will release a rule aimed at protecting basic rights for livestock and poultry farmers that most of us take for granted – rights like the freedom of speech and the freedom to join together in association. We’re asking you to stand by farmers and let the USDA know you want strong safeguards to give farmers a fighting chance against corporate power.

Showing your support is easy. We’re delivering a petition to the USDA this summer and we’d like you to add your name.STAND WITH FARMERS: SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY


We hope you’ll join us at the beautiful Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin on September 21! Click here to buy tickets on

We’ll be making some exciting announcements about the festival very soon, so stay tuned!GET ALL THE FARM AID 2019 DETAILS

If you didn’t do so already, please visit our Stand with Farmers page to read our four basic demands and add your name to our petition.

Together in action,

Alicia Harvie
Advocacy & Farmer Services Director



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