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With all the challenges family farmers face, I’m inspired by the strength they have to keep going. Farmers are resilient – they have the courage to persevere. We saw so many farmers embodying that spirit at Farm Aid 2018 in Hartford in September. Their love for their work and their resolve to keep doing it inspires me. And I know it inspires you, too.

Take Joe Greenbacker and his daughter Melissa Greenbacker-Dziurgot of Brookfield Farm in Durham, Connecticut. This spring they made the difficult decision to sell off their dairy herd because of low prices. Melissa had always dreamed of managing her family’s tenth-generation farm, but it just didn’t make sense to continue. Melissa and her dad are not alone. Since 1973, our country has lost 93% of our dairy farms. “Sometimes it feels like a failure because I wasn’t able to continue,” she says. “I am definitely hopeful. I think there are opportunities out there for me.” Reinventing her farm future will take all of Melissa’s resilience.

Your donation before the end of the year  goes to support Farm Aid’s critical work on behalf of family farmers and their communities right when they need it – now!


In the Northeastern corner of the state, we met Kies Orr, who is forging ahead as the next generation at Fort Hill Farms with inspiration from her dad. “My father would get groups of farmers together and go to the legislative building and we’d all fight for agriculture,” she remembers.  Peter was a force for Connecticut agriculture, and farmers from across the state mourned when he made the decision to take his life rather than add the burden of his mounting medical bills to the farm’s finances. Today Kies, her boyfriend Jared, and her mom Kristen are committed to “farm on,” as they put it, to carry on Peter’s legacy.

Family farmers are incredibly resilient – even in times of crisis and loss, they remain steadfast in their commitment to the land, their animals and their livelihood. But that doesn’t mean we can take it for granted that they’ll always be there. Now, more than ever, Farm Aid is fighting to keep family farmers on the land.

When farmers turn to Farm Aid, we’re here to listen and to connect them with resources that can make a difference. As Kies told us as she remembered her dad, “If I can mention anything, seek help. Seek help, seek help, seek help.” That’s what Farm Aid is here for.


Your gift of $75 is a gift of hope for family farmers. I’m asking you to give now so that Farm Aid can keep answering their calls.

Stay strong and positive,

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