The 2018 Farm Bill effects us all

by:  jimmy Dyer

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Here comes the 2018 Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is one of the most influential pieces of legislation for farmers, rural residents and all of us who eat. The 2014 version was enormous–coming in at 959 pages, with a price tag of $956.4 billion over a decade. The upcoming 2018 Farm Bill will determine the fate of farm subsidies, public nutrition, land stewardship, agricultural research, international food aid, export promotion, and many other agricultural programs.

Learn how our partners, like the National Young Farmers Coalition, Center for Rural Affairs, Kansas Farmers Union and Illinois Stewardship Alliance, are advocating for change and working to make sure that the 2018 Farm Bill does not leave out the needs of family farmers.

And, stayed tuned for more information on the upcoming Farm Bill and actions you can take!

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