Willie Nelson and family cover George Harrison

by: Matthew Leimkuehler

The latest release from country legend Willie Nelson and his family band pays tranquil tribute to rock giant George Harrison.  

Nelson and company debuted Friday a subtle rendition of Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass,” the title track off his lauded 1970 post-Beatles solo album. 

The song features Lukas Nelson taking lead vocals, with his father Willie Nelson playing longtime guitar “Trigger” and adding backing vocals. Willie Nelson’s son Micah plays drums and bass on the recording, with sister Bobbie Nelson adding piano and longtime bandmate Mickey Raphael on harmonica. 

The song comes off “The Willie Nelson Family,” an upcoming album showcasing the musical DNA of Nelson’s family, including Bobbie Nelson, Lukas and Micah Nelson and daughters Amy and Paula Nelson. 

‘The Willie Nelson Family’ track list 

  • 1. Heaven and Hell (Willie Nelson)
  • 2. Kneel at the Feet of Jesus (Willie Nelson)
  • 3. Laying My Burdens Down (Willie Nelson)
  • 4. Family Bible (Claude Gray, Paul Buskirk & Walt Breeland)
  • 5. In the Garden (traditional)
  • 6. All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)
  • 7. I Saw the Light (Hank Williams, Sr.)
  • 8. In God’s Eyes (Willie Nelson)
  • 9. Keep It On the Sunnyside (A.P. Carter)
  • 10. I Thought About You, Lord (Willie Nelson)
  • 11. Too Sick To Pray (Willie Nelson)
  • 12. Why Me (Kris Kristofferson)

The album features a handful of Nelson originals, as well as takes on songs from Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams and the Carter Family. It debuts Nov. 19 via Legacy Recordings. 

“Working with family, creating music, is pure bliss,” Lukas Nelson said in a statement. “What a gift that we were all able to come together and celebrate the power of music during these troubled times.” 

And it isn’t the first time a Country Music Hall of Famer sat in on a session recording of “All Things Must Pass.” Celebrated studio musician and 2021 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Pete Drake played pedal steel on Harrison’s original version of the song. 

Nelson brings his family tour Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 to Nashville for two nights of intimate shows at the CMA Theater. 

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