Willie Nelson and his fans, Carl’s Corner, Texas.

After Willie sang, ‘Have you Ever Seen the Rain’ with daughter Paula, he stayed and sang several more songs, then spent about an hour hanging out with fans.   I sneaked up and took some pictures of Willie and his fans from the wings, and it is really something to see, the way Willie Nelson interacts with his fans.

That’s Clem up front, making Willie laugh.  He wrote:

“About that photo above where Willie is laughing so hard:   Last Sat. night at Carl’s Corner I thanked Willie for supporting Billy Joe at his trial in Waco.   Willie said, “He’s a good guy and I was glad to do it.”  I then said to Willie, “The poor bastard need’s all the help he can get.” Willie hesitated for a second and then burst into laughter saying, “You’re right about that.”

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