Willie Nelson Fan Club

Joining the Willie Nelson Fan Club might be the best deal out there.   For $20.00 you get all the Willie Nelson goodies pictured above:   A fanclub laminate,  bumper sticker, Fan Club Pin, guitar pick, and more.  Also, when you renew each year (for only $15.00), you get a renewal gift, which have ranged from cool Willie Nelson pens, post cards, flashlights, memo pads, really cool stuff.

The greatest reason to sign up is the quarterly newsletter:  “Willie’s World, the official newsletter of the International Willie Nelson Fan Club.”  This great newsletter is published by Dandalion, who, along with Audrea, writes and publishes the newsletter.  They do a fantastic job.  I know the internet is immediate and we can get news and tour information on-line,  but it’s so fun to open up my mail box and see that “Willie’s World” waiting for me.    It’s full of news about Willie, his fans, his projects, movies, books, new cd releases.  Lots of fan pictures and stories, too.  It’s really fun to read. 

Here’s the address, if you want to join up.  Just send your check for $20.00 to:

Willie Nelson Fan Club
P. O. Box 7104
Lancaster, PA 17904-7104


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