Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson at West Virginia University

Photo of Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson in Colorado Springs, by Stewart Patton

By Mackenzie Mays

Willie Nelson and Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real performed Thursday night at the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center.

Grammy Award winner and iconic country singer Willie has been on the music scene since the ’70s, establishing a large fanbase along the way.

Having released many successful albums, Willie is now on tour to promote his latest effort titled “Country Music.”

Willie’s son, Lukas, is his opening act on the tour and will be accompanied by his band The Promise of the Real.

According to Lukas, the band’s sound is difficult to describe and has the capability of fitting into several genres.

“Our sound is mostly folk/rock blues with Americana roots,” Lukas said. “We are sort of a jam band, too, but with rock ‘n’ roll influences.”

Lukas said this unique style has allowed the band to appeal to a variety of music fans and has made him proud to have a sound of his own.

“Everyone can like us because we integrate different musical styles into our work, but we’re not too far out there or weird,” Lukas said. “At the same time, we have a familiar and ‘at home’ sound even though our work is totally original.”

Having been on tour with his dad since he was a baby and singing and playing the guitar since age 11, the family business is something that’s become comfortable to Lukas, and he appreciates the opportunities it’s given him.

“It just feels like I’m playing music with him (his dad, Willie) like I would at home,” Lukas said. “It’s fun, and it’s really about the only time I get to see him. It’s the best quality time you could spend with someone. Singing is like sharing your soul with someone – sometimes we don’t even need to talk because we know we’re on the same level.”

Although Lukas admits fans have realized the similarities of his voice to his famous father’s, he claims there are a few differences in their music styles.

“We’re similar in the sense that we have that same ‘Allman Brothers’ style, and we give out the same vibe,” Lukas said. “We have more of that southern rock sound, but all of his fans seem to like us, too.”

Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real are currently working on a new album and have an EP titled “Brando’s Paradise Sessions,” which will is for sale at the concerts.

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