Willie Nelson talks about ‘Horse Called Music’ with Rolling Stone


Though Willie Nelson reimagined Wayne Carson’s song “A Horse Called Music” for his own 1989 album of same name, the country great returned to the track with Merle Haggard and son Lukas Nelson on his latest album, Heroes. Here, Nelson reveals the making of the video for “A Horse Called Music,” which finds him revisiting his past.

Nelson filmed a video for the song when he originally released it in 1989. However, he felt that the track didn’t get the acceptance it deserved and felt compelled to make another video centered around the town where he lived. Reaching out to Merle Haggard was easy enough, he notes. “I asked Merle, ‘Come sing on this,’ and he did,” says Nelson. The shape of the video’s narrative came together just as naturally. “Honestly, I was looking for an excuse to ride my horse,” he reveals with a laugh.

“A Horse Called Music,” with Merle Haggard and Lukas Nelson, is on Willie Nelson’s latest album, Heroes.

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