Willie’s Place Theater, Carl’s Corner, Texas

Here’s the stage where all the magic happens!  See a show there if you can; it’s a cozy venue to hear music.  Not a bad seat in the house and the sound system is exceptional.   For information on shows, visit www.Williesplacetexas.com.

Paula Nelson and the Guilty Pleasures, and Waylon Payne, will perform this Saturday, April 10th, at Willie’s Place.  The show will be streamed live over the internet, so for those fans who can’t be there — you can watch it on the world wide web!  To buy tickets to the show, or get information about the live feed, visit www.WilliesplaceTexas.com or www.LuckFilms.com.

Dallas Wayne and Willie Nelson
Sirius/XM Studio, Carl’s Corner, Texas

Dallas Wayne broadcasts Monday through Friday on Willie’s Place, from the Sirius/XM Radio studio’s at Carl’s Corner.   If you are there during the week when he is on, go up to the window and throw kisses at him, flash him, or something to see if you can make him laugh.

If you are not listening to Dallas, and Bill Mack on Willie’s Place Sirius/XM Radio, you are missing out.   It’s the only place you can hear Willie Nelson music that hasn’t been released yet, Willie Nelson music that may never get released, and music from rare albums that you just can’t find anywhere. 

They are friends and fans of Willie, and they have their own stories and anecdotes to share about Willie and other musicians.  Bill and Dallas know so many musicians, it’ s not unusual to turn on the radio and hear them talking with one musical legend or another.  They have all the latest news about Willie Nelson and Family, and best of all,  Willie calls in on Wednesdays and talks with Bill Mack and talks to fans.  To subscribe to Sirius/XM (worth every penny), www.Sirius.com.

p.s.  Sirius/XM Radio has a Grateful Dead channel, and so much more.  There’s something for everyone.

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