Willie Nelson and Dayton International Peace Museum


Dayton Internation Peace Museum (www.daytonpeacemuseum.org)

Why a Peace Museum?

To choose violence and conflict is easy. Pick up a gun. Drop a bomb. Ignore the rights of others. To choose peace is more difficult. The arsenal of peace has no weapons but nonviolence, faith, and reason.

If peace is to be a viable alternative in a world inundated with violence, the message of peace must have constant presence. It needs to be available to those who would choose and work for peace, but who often feel alone or defeated. It needs to be a message heard over and over by children. It needs to be incorporated into everyday activities. Its promise needs to resonate in the streets.

To achieve its lofty goals, peace needs to be grounded. It needs a sign for all to see, a building that gives honor to the messengers of peace, past, present, and future. Like art museums around the world, a peace museum can give room for recognition, experimentation, education, training, and appreciation. Peace, like   art, needs a space to breathe while the world determines whether or not its message is worthwhile.

The Dayton International Peace Museum can be such a space, a high-profile place where Daytonians and people across the Miami Valley can find the arsenal of peace. Though many peace centers, institutes, and similar organizations exist around world, Dayton ’s burgeoning peace community can contribute exponentially to the worldwide peace-building movement. The Museum is not meant to compete with or supercede other groups and organizations. Its success will be based on how it encourages, supports, and supplements the already diverse and unwieldy spirit of peace that is underrated and unheard by many in our community.

For other peace museums: International Network of Museums for Peace 

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