Esquire Magazine 2005 “Esky Hall of Game” Award

“Esky Hall of Game” Award
Esquire Magazine
April 2005

Willie Nelson:  Our First Inductee:  Willie Nelson belongs in the Hall of Game for writing “Crazy” alone.  But he’s also smoked dope on the roof of the White House.  And when the IRS billed him for $16.7 million in back taxes, he allegedly said, “Owing the IRS $1 million is a problem.  Owing them $16 million becomes their problem.”  His ex-wife also sewed him up in a sheet and beat him with a broom.  And he forgave her.  Willie Nelson is a man with a catalog of full-fledged standards.  And he’s always leveraged his success to help others:  His Farm Aid benefits saved many a family farm, and his recent tsunami benefit raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In Texas, Bruce Robison’s, “What Would Willie Do?” is an anthem.  We could all do worse than live our lives asking the same question.

Willie Nelson accepts the Esqy:  “As a kid, I hid Esquire under my bed so my parents wouldn’t know I was checking out the women.  And National Geographic.  So I’d like to thank all the women who have posed for Esquire over the years.  I’ll cherish this wonderful award — and sleep with it under my pillow.”

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