Jim Irsay, owner of Indianapolis Colts, donates $1 Million to Farm Aid (9/23/2023)

Photo: Janis Tillerson

Jim Irsay, longtime owner of the Indianapolis Colts, presented a check for $1 Million dollars to Farm Aid while performing on stage with his band, The Jim Irsay Band, at the 2023 Farm Aid Festival live from Noblesville, Indiana. John Mellencamp received the check.

Photo: Janis TIllerson

Jim and his family have donated millions and millions to the Indianapolis community, hospitals, YMCA, millions for mental health research and many other good causes.

Irsay has one of the largest musical, historical, sports and pop culture collections. He had a pop up museum at Farm AId, and displayed rare guitars from Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and other memorabilia. As you left the building, a volunteer gave you one of his guitar pics.

Historical items he owns include letters from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and wanted poster for John WIlkes Booth and so much more. Most of these artefacts currently reside either at Irsay’s home or in his office at the NFL team’s headquarters and practice facility. He hopes to create a permanent museum, but currently takes parts of his collections on tour to music concerts, like he did at Farm AId.

You can read about his collection at The Jim Irsay Collection.

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