Willie Nelson fan letters (1983)

Country Rhythms
July 1983

Letters to the Editor

We just had to write to thank you for your great cover issue and interview with “the man,” “the entertainer of the years,” Willie Nelson!  We enjoy your magazine very much, but the May edition and “Willie” puts the icing on the cake.  We will never forget you for featuring Willie on your premier issue, either.

From “Hello Walls” and “crazy,” up to Tougher than Leather, Willie has always been the best and will be “Always on My Mine!”

Carole & Willie Farkas
Ontario, Canada


My mother brought home the Country Rhythms magazine today and I was so excited to see Willie Nelson on the cover.  I wanted to write as soon as possible.  I read the Willie Nelson article part I and I can’t wait for part II

Thanks to Country Rhythms article I will now be able to start my third photo album of articles on Willie.  I have loved Willie and his music for 10 years now.  WIllie has given me so much happiness and doesn’t even know it.  Willie has autographed my boots, shook and kissed my hand and wore my bandanna during his concerts.

I want to thank Country Rhythms for the great part I interview and thank you ahead of time for part II.

I would also like to thank Willie Nelson for all the happiness and may he be as happy as he has made me!

Lisa McKinney
San Antonio, TX


Every week I look for a magazine or book in hopes of finding a good article on Willie Nelson.  I just had to let you people know the may edition was fantastic.  I’ve never read such a big article on him — and there is still another edition to come in June!  The pictures were the nicest and clearest I’ve ever seen.  I’m probably one of his biggest fans.  Although he doesn’t know me, I feel like we’ve been close friends for a long time.  This man certainly deserves such good interviews and beautiful pictures of him like the ones you published.  I do have a problem though, I was hoping you could help me with.  I’ve never seen a fan club address that I could write to.  Would you please help me find the address of his fan club, because I know I will never be fortunate enough to write to him personally?  Please help me if you can.

Charlotte Patterson
Chatsworth, GA

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