Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson play poker

by: Halle Ames

Outlaw Country singer Willie Nelson is known for many things, but we didn’t realize his poker skills were one of them. 

In a poker game with actor Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson won so much off him that he decided to build an addition onto his house. 

Harrelson visited shows like The Tonight Show, The Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. While on the shows, he gave a little insight into his friendship with Willie Nelson.

According to Harrelson, the two have been friends for a long time. The actor and the singer also enjoy to frequently partake in the same activities. 

In 2017, the 59-year-old made the news for his decision to give up smoking marijuana. His counterpart, Willie Nelson, couldn’t be swayed. Nelson liked to tease Harrelson when they were together by offering him some. When Harrelson would turn it down, Nelson followed it up by acting surprised. 

“I quit for almost two years,” Harrelson told DeGeneres. “No smoking, no vaping. Every once in a while, you might have something edible. I’m not a nun.”

Willie Nelson: Bad Influence or Good Time?

After two years of being sort of sober, Harrelson gave in after winning a large hand in poker. Nelson offered him a vape pen, and when his younger friend took a hit, he smiled and said, “Welcome home, son.”

The mix of poker and pot are a constant draw for the two men. 

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor revealed that after a long night of low stakes games of poker, Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson decided to bump up the stakes. After putting in a good bit of money on the game, the actor walked away unhappy with a lighter wallet.

How much money did Harrelson lose? The exact amount is unknown, but it was enough to build an additional wing onto Willie Nelson’s house in Hawaii. Naturally, the country artist named it the Woody Wing.

Jimmy Kimmel even joked on the show that everyone should go see Woody Harrelson’s new movie so he can finish paying off Willie Nelson. 

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